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One day walking tour to stroll in Arashiyama area

Tours by Location:  Kyoto, Arashiyama (Kansai/Kyoto & vicinity)
Tour Features:
 One day walking tour in Arashiyama area. Arashiyama area, once flourished and regarded as court nobles seasonal resorts, is known for picturesque Bamboo Grove, Tenryu-ji Zen Temple and more to visit. Tenryu-ji Zen Temple is one of the 17 component parts of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto and has an enticing botanical garden.

Tour Time 8 hours (including one hour lunch time)
Dates of Operation Everyday
Meeting Place At the foyer of the JR Saga-Arashiyama Station ticket gate (there is only one gate)
Duration 09:00 to 17:00 or 10:00 to 18:00
Tour Price \33,000- per tour (8hours) regardless of the number of participants up to 10 people
Expenses not included in the Tour Price Transportation, admission, lunch
Itinerary 1-JR Saga-Arashiyama Sta. 2-Bamboo Grove 3-Okou-chi Mountain Villa, 4-Kameyama Park, 5-Oigawa Riverside Promenade, 6-Yakata-bune cruising (optional), 7-Togetsu-kyo Moon Crossing Bridge, 8-Tenryu-ji Zen Temple, 9-Randen Arashiyama Sta. vicinity for Souvenir shopping, 10-JR Saga-Arashiyama Sta.
Guide's Name   Kiyomi GOTO (MS.)
Web site 作成中、電子メールか電話で連絡ください。
Language English (Guiding in Japanese is available)
Distance of the Route Approximately 10-13 km
Reservations To make a reservation, send an email to the guide, kguide3750@outlook.jp, informing 1) your name, 2)number of participants, 3) desired tour date, 4)name and phone number of your hotel in Japan (or your contact phone number).
[Mail] kguide3750@arrow.ocn.ne.jp
Guide's Cellphone Number (for Emergency) Notice of it at the booking.
Tour Terms & Conditions Apply at least 14 days before the tour starts. If not, check with the guide by email for availability. Guiding fee to be paid at the meeting spot by JPY cash. Insurance is not included in the tour price so please make sure to have your own travel insurance appropriate to your needs before joining the tour. The rest will follow the JGA terms and conditions.
Cancellation fees In case of cancellation, please notify the guide by e-mail. If notified 7 days before the tour starts, there will be no cancellation charge. Otherwise, a 100% cancellation fee is charged.
Notes Upon advance request, the guide may be able to alter a part of the itinerary to meet your preferences. Guide's admission and entrance fee are included in the tour price. Optional boat cruising fee and Rickshaw riding fee are not included in the tour price.
last update: 30 May 2022
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