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This is a site of our Japan Tours guided by members of the Japan Guide Association, an oldest and leading tour guide association in Japan.
You will find unique and interesting tours of Japan. Please visit the Japan Tours of your interest.
Each tour is run by its host member at his/her own responsibility. Please contact him/her for further information.


Location Title (click the title for the detail)
Akihabara  Visit to the Kanda Myojin, one of the three oldest shrines in Tokyo and experience of "Maid" cafe, cosplay restaurant served by waitresses dressed in maid costume in Akihabara "Electric" town, center of electric appliances.
around the Imperial Palace, Ginza, Tsukiji  Walk through the heart of Tokyo  new!
Asakusa Temple and Kappabashi shopping  Asakusa Temple and kappabashi shopping tour
From Narita Airport to your destination in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area  From Narita Airport to your destination in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Harajuku  Meiji Jingu Shrine & Harajuku Walking Tour
Kagurazaka and Iidabashi area  KAGURAZAKA and IIDABASHI area : Walking tour of pop & traditional town of ordinary Japanese people.
Mitaka   Ghibli Museum, Inogashira Park and Tamagawa Aquaduct. Option: try yakitori, cha-broiled and spit-roasted chickin
RYOGOKU: Visit of th city of Sumo, Ukiyoe  RYOGOKU : Visit of the city of SUMO, Katana, Fireworks, UKIYOE(woodblock print), Samurai's garden
Shibuya  Shibuya Tour
Tokyo  Highlight Tokyo
Tokyo   Tour of old and new Tokyo
Tokyo  Wonderful Memories in Tokyo
Tokyo  Your Personal Tour Guide in Tokyo
Tokyo  Marvelous sightseeing in Tokyo and its vicinity
Yanaka  YANAKA Walking Tour


Location Title (click the title for the detail)
Hakodate  Wonderful Memories in Hakodate
Sapporo City(Central area)  Sapporo day tour with public transportation


Location Title (click the title for the detail)
Kamakura  Four Seasons in Kamakura
Kamakura  The Charm of the Historic City of Kamakura
Kamakura  Kamakura - Tour to the old de facto capital of Japan
Pottery & Kasama inari, ancient shrine  KASAMA : Walking tour of a town with pottery and a historical shrine, Kasama inari
Samurai garden & their school in Mito city   MITO: Walking tour of Kairakuen, samurai garden & Kodokan, school of Shogun clan in a castle town.
Yokohama  Welcome to the Exotic City, YOKOHAMA !
Yokohama  Beautiful City, Yokohama, Known by the Eight Scenic Spots of Kanazawa

Koshinetsu & Hokuriku

Location Title (click the title for the detail)
Jigokudani snow monkey park, Shibu-onsen hotspring, Obuse town, Zenko-ji temple  Nagano tour
Kamikochi  Kamikochi tour
Matsumoto  Matsumoto tour
Naraijyuku  Kisoji tour
Northen part of Nagano  One day trip to - SNOW MONKEY PARK & Shibu Onsen(Hot Spring) foot bath experience approx.7 hours round trip from Nagano Station in winter season.
Saku city and the neighborhood  Journey of Sake brewing and small train in the nature
Suwa taisha shrine, Togariishi Museum of Jōmon Archaeology in Chino  Suwa tour


Location Title (click the title for the detail)
Nagoya  Walikng Tour for Nagoya City or The Suburbs of Nagoya-city, Inuyama Castle, Seto Seramic Town etc.
Takayama, Gujo-Hachiman, Kisoji etc.  Walking tour to traditional town, Takayama,Gujo-Hachiman, Kisoji(KISO road) etc.


Location Title (click the title for the detail)
Kansai Science Park (Keihanna)  Science Park Walker
Kyoto  Four Seasons in Kyoto
Kyoto city  Kyoto golden route
Kyoto City's Central Area  Exploring the Nijo-jo Castle and its vicinity (Nijo-jinya or Kyoto Imperial Palace)
Kyoto Yamashina   Kyoto Yamashina "Misasagi-no-Mori" Satoyama Experience Tour
Kyoto, Arashiyama  One day walking tour to stroll in Arashiyama area
Kyoto, Higashiyama  One day walking tour to stroll in Higashiyama via Philosopher's Path
Nara city  Nara ancient route
Naramachi  Naramachi Old Town Walking Tour
Osaka city  Osaka delicious route


Location Title (click the title for the detail)
Matsuyama  Wonderful Memories in Matsuyama

Kyushu & Okinawa

Location Title (click the title for the detail)

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