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Kyoto Yamashina "Misasagi-no-Mori" Satoyama Experience Tour

Tours by Location:  Kyoto Yamashina (Kansai/Kyoto & vicinity)
Tour Features:
 You can visit one of Japan's original landscapes, Satoyama(village-vicinity mountain)
, and experience the seasonal scenery and events familiar to Japanese people.

”Misasagi-no-Mori” is the closest Satoyama to the station, it takes 20-minute by subway from Kyoto Station.
It is a rare Satoyama in Japan that can be reached in 10 minutes on foot from a subway station.
This Satoyama is located along the Lake Biwa Canal, which runs through Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City, where you can take a walk in the forest, enjoy snacks made from vegetables and wild plants grown in the Satoyama, and experience activities that can only be done in the season.
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Tour Time 10:00 to 15:00
Dates of Operation Please refer to the event calendar.→Schedule Calender
Meeting Place Misasagi Station ticket gate of Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line.
Duration About five hours
Tour Price 10,000 yen per person.

Includes "Misasagi-no-mori" entrance fee and refreshments.

The minimum number of participants is two, and the maximum number of participants is ten.

Expenses not included in the Tour Price extra drinks, and insurance.
Itinerary Misasagi Station Assembly

Seasonal events are held in Misasagi no Mori.

Please have a seasonal experience,and enjoy the light meals provided.

Dissolution at Misasagi Station after completion.

Spring : Digging for bamboo shoots (March to April), harvesting shiitake mushrooms (March), viewing cherry blossoms (April), light hiking where you can view azaleas (April), walking on the Lake Biwa Canal

Summer : Cutting bamboo trees and making crafts, walking in the forest, walking on the Lake Biwa Canal

Autumn : Baked sweet potatoes (November), seeing autumn leaves (November), picking fruit trees, cutting firewood, eating Japanese hotchpotch, walking on the Lake Biwa Canal and walking on the Lake Biwa Canal all year round.

Winter: Shiitake mushroom harvesting (December), firewood chopping, tempura cooking, oden cooking, light hiking, strolling along the Lake Biwa Canal.
You can also enjoy light hiking and strolling along the Lake Biwa Canal throughout the year.

Guide's Name YURA TOMOKO or his/her guide partners
Web site https://ryochigakusha.pw/contents_13.html
Language Chinese 
Distance of the Route About two kilometers (three to five kilometers if you are going for a light hike or a walk).
Reservations To make a reservation, send an email to us with (1)your name (2)number of participants (3)desired tour date (4) phone number
[Mail] dwkkb722@ybb.ne.jp
Guide's Cellphone Number (for Emergency) Notice of it at the booking.
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Cancellation fees Follow the JGA terms and conditions.
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