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Let’swalk in the central Tokyo

Tours by Location:  Around the Imperial Palace,Ginza, Tsukiji (Kanto/Tokyo & vicinity)
Tour Features:
 Around the Imperial Palace Plaza, we can find lots of pine-trees beautifully trimmed in each season, besides feeling of the essence of 400 years history from the Edo Shogun era. Enjoy walking to Ginza and to the Tsukiji old fish-market area,featuring super-modern architecture en route.

Tour Time 9:00~17:30, any time upon request
Dates of Operation Any day upon request
Meeting Place Tokyo station Marunouchi center exit or in your hotel
Duration about 4hours
Tour Price 16000yen/4 hours
Expenses not included in the Tour Price admission fee, transportation fee,food,drink are not included.
Itinerary Tokyo station Marunouchi center exit~ The park of The Inperial Palace~Ginza~Tsukiji
Guide's Name   日本観光通訳協会
Language English / Russian 
Distance of the Route about 6 km
Reservations To make a reservation, send an email to me with (1)your name, (2)number of participants, (3)desired tour date, (4)name & phone number, your hotel name. mail:JGA@jga
Guide's Cellphone Number (for Emergency) Notice of it at the booking.
Tour Terms & Conditions Follow the JGA terms and conditions.
Cancellation fees Follow the JGA terms and conditions.
last update: 10 January 2022
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